Friday, May 4, 2007

Activities Week

For this entire week I have activities from sunday to sunday. Unlike most of my days, which I spent most of the time in front of computers, this week I spent most of time doing outdoor activities. The reason why I spent most of my time doing indoor activities was because outdoor activities are big-money-consuming activities. Place I visited most of those time was campus. I got bored visiting that place because I've seen it for over 5 years now. That's why when I went outside I usually didn't visit campus. Because other places are quite far from my hostel then I need transportation. Since I don't have any vehicle for transportation then obviously I have to pay for public transportation. And usually I spent more money for lunch and buying stuffs which interest me. That's why I choose indoor activities.
But this week is quite different. I spent lost of time outside. Not just wandering around but for reasons. Quite good reasons. I attended few test this week and preparing my next applications.Working on tests, medical checkup and filling applications requirement become my recent activities. Maybe this is because the next application deadline is near. Wow I really am a true deadliner. I finished most of my research proposal in a night. Beside those activities I tried to start the day by jogging. Quite healthy I guess although I only took few laps and spent most of the time talking with a friend and taking breakfast :P

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