Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things I've learned

Have I learned anything? If the time measurement starts about 5 years ago till today, the answer would be yes. I learned a lot. Beside those life experiences things I learned something which is obviously I should learn because it was my major. That's information technology.
Few days ago one of my friends who work in finance told me that I know nothing, I haven't see anything, I haven't learn anything, I haven't experiences anything compare to her. Sounds so cruel. When I hear it or perhaps read it at the first time, I didn't take it personal. I thought maybe she was in bad mood. But today when I remembered about what she said it made me little bit angry.
Maybe until today my work is still only in IT and my environment may be still in the campus. Unlike her who not only learned about IT, finance, banking and maybe other knowledge that I don't know. Maybe she has traveled all over the country. But that doesn't give her right to judge me that I don't know any sh*t. One thing for sure she doesn't know me.
Life has brought me lots of knowledge. Although I only focusing on IT and hanging on the campus but it gave me lots of knowledge as well. I learned technology stuffs from programming to banking treasury, from Unix system to smart card. I learned non-technology stuffs either from struggling to giving up, from teaching to counter-black campaign. Yes the last knowledge I mentioned is improving because of several things are happening in the center where usually I hang out. So if you are a person who has a job in the core business of a big company which doesn't match your education background, making a big money, excellent career path and always concern about appearance, do you still think that anyone who still resist on campus focusing in one area that he/she like most doesn't know any sh*t?

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