Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dreamchaser Community

Reading Imam's blog about IF01 aggregator makes me want to post again. This time I'd like to highlight a community inside IF01. I call this community "The Dreamchaser Community", I just made up this name :D This community is shadow community. The only thing that bounds it's members is a dream. Maybe even the member of this community doesn't realize about this bound but they seemed look after each other to maintain this bound. Kinda complicated, huh.
The dream that bounds these members is to study in the next level. Getting scholarship is their goal. Although when it comes in getting scholarship they compete each other but still they inform each other when any opportunity arrives and help each other to fulfill the requirements. Perhaps this mutual helping atmosphere can be experienced in other community which it's primary goal is to get a job for better living.
I realized the existence of this community at the end of my college. Maybe it already exist long time before I realized but who knows. This community has changed from the first time I noticed it's existence. The most obvious change I noticed was composition of it's member. Back then most of them are females and now males dominate this community. I don't know for sure why this change happened. Maybe because females are tend to find a safe & steady place or maybe those new male members lately realize the promising future behind those challenges. God knows what the real reason is.
Most of this community's members are willing to work in Bandung so they can get news for opportunities to carry out their mission and to ease their paper & letter administration. These guys are racing against time. They totally realize that they have time limit. They can't keep trying for the rest of their life at this current condition. If they give up at old age it would suffer them even worse because they lost their time to apply a decent & promising job. Even people who decide to become entrepreneur would lost precious time. Win-win solution would be chasing dream and preparing for the worst if that dream doesn't come true, simultaneously. For some this is tough. So do you part of this community?

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