Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Playing the same songs or movies over and over

I thinks it's some kind of bad habit of mine. Playing and listening the same songs over and over again till I get bored of it. When I like a song I tend to play it over and over again till I don't like it any longer or I get bored. I just have to get very acquainted with the song. Understand the lyric and know how to sing it with this terrible voice of mine :D
This happens not only for songs but also movies. I tend to play movies I like over and over again till I really understand the movie, every scene, every dialog and know how to apply those dialogs in daily conversation. I remembered when I was second year student, there was a local romance movie called Ada Apa Dengan Cinta. My housing friends and I played this movie over and over. It was like three times a day we watched this movie. One of my friend even could tell the running scene by listening to it's background music. While other friend even imitate the dance of Dian Sastro's and her friends in that movie and really dance when it came to that part. Truth be told we all boys. Have you ever seen boys who crazy about romance movie. Yeap we were those boys :D Thank goodness we through that time safely and ended up straight. Can't imagine if we were swerved.
Playing movies and songs over and over again is not a crime. In fact it could help us to increase our vocabulary. Well at least it helped me. However my next room friend is not that kind of type. He doesn't like to hear the same music or movie more than once. He complained several times. He asked me to changed the music and asked how come I can't get bored listening the same music everyday. Even I got complained I still like doing my bad habit :P But now to avoid further complaints I used headphone so the sound wouldn't broadcast in entire house. This brought new problem too. I can't use headphone for a long period because it hurts my ears. Hmm, troublesome situation.

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