Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Internet Business

First step in this business would be dreaming unlimited internet access right in your own room. It was an alluring image. When I was at my first year, I visited local internet cafe a lot. May be this addiction already started when I was still in high school and got worse when I was at college. After I entered my second I started to use internet access in department's labs. I t was more fun than visiting internet cafe. By paying five thousands rupiahs I can get internet access for a whole month. During my third and fourth my friend taught me how to beat the system. The campus internet billing system. It means that I could have unlimited internet access without paying. This was even better.
After I graduated this beating billing system technique was no longer applicable. Although it was still applicable I have to seek another improvement in this internet access area. Let's say that accessing internet from campus is no longer challenging since although I couldn't apply previous beating system technique, I had been provided unlimited internet access by the lab. So why bother beating the system if the system itself is willing to provide a free access?
The next challenging step was providing internet access right in my very own room. This way I can stay connected anytime I want and I don't have to go to campus for internet access. So the project began. Accompanied by a friend who also has the same vision and same dream, we apply for personal internet access at local internet provider. First days was tough. We paid over a million and the day those equipments installed we got no connection and had to wait for another days. What a troublesome days.
After internet connection established we started to share the connection among our friends. We bought various networking stuffs from cables to router, from access point to antenna. Hopefully this could remain.

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