Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Don't ask how much money I get from my current job

Few weeks ago one of my friend asked me about how much leaving money I'm going to receive when I resign. She complained her leaving money wasn't as big as she expected. She complained other things to. All financial-related problems. Her confession makes me think 'Do I have enough money to support in the next months?'. Compare to her I have lower salary than hers. Way too lower. Not forget to mention it's not monthly salary. So it's like temporary job. Wait a minute. It is a temporary job :D See I resigned now.
So back to my question.Right now, my financial condition is under mercy of an institution. Institution which I've been served for years. Institution I hate most right now. They kept my salary for 3 months without any notice when I'm gonna get the money. Ow one notice for sure. They'll cut my salary for taxes. Come on, I know exactly taxes don't apply for salary under 25 millions rupiahs per month. And the money I'm gonna get won't event reach 1.5 millions rupiahs.
Well, there's nothing I can do about this. Even a senior lecturer of this institution can do nothing. The only thing I can do is get out of there as soon as possible to avoid further damage. I hope I still have enough resources to live the next few months.


eggimaru said...

wah bay .. kan masih ada penghasilan sampingan dari gspot. pasti cukup lah ..apalagi di sana kamu kan dapet beasiswa .. :)

Unknown said...

Semoga cukup buat sampe duit beasiswanya cair :(

sunett said...

uhm.. FYI There're some kind of tax cut. I dunno what kind of tax since I got little money too. All I know is I usually get 15% cut here.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaa...pajak...pajak. Kok kerja buat pendidikan dipajakin sih. Mana mau pinter, kalau kondisinya bukan dunia akademis yang disubsidi melainkan dunia akademis yang mensubsidi.

Masih untung elo cuman gaji yang dipajakin. Udah jelas masuk pajak penghasilan. Dulu dana riset gw dipajakin tanpa pemberitahuan dan ga jelas pula. Alasannya masuk pph juga tuh.

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