Sunday, July 22, 2007

D-Link DWL-2100 Access Point

This post is related to my previous post about my internet business. We got a new customer. It's just across the street but it could mean a lot. Our new customer is Reading Light (RL). It's a nice and cozy place. There you can read lots of nice books and magazines.
Enough about Reading Light. They want to be connected to internet through our network. Reading Light belongs to a foreigner so this would be a great opportunity to increase our income. We've done a lot things for RL. Our signal couldn't reach there so we must put our access point to a higher place. This put serious effort too. After access point was set and our signal could reach RL there's another request. They want to connect to our network using their own access point. It's D-Link DWL-2100 access point.
We have some experience with D-Link access point and we thought it won't be a tough job. It turned out that we were wrong. This kind of access point is difficult to handle. It can't play role as repeater, it must restart before connecting to another PC and it has quite different administration tool in a matter of semantic meanings. Several options act differently than same options in other access point we had before. It takes two PCs and two laptops to find out the real characteristics of this access point. We would like to try hack it's firmware but since it's not ours, RL could get serious problem regarding it's warranty. So we decided to go with the old firmware.
I must reset this access point several times to make sure that the things we found were it's origin behavior. This is very important so we can use this access point immediately at RL. I'll go to RL again this morning to install this access point. Hopefully it would work perfectly. We've done so much for this customer and we won't fail.


eggimaru said...

diliat dari judulnya aja udah susah. apalagi harus membuat nya bekerja. pasti lebih susah lagi. tapi tetap semangat biar dapat pemasukan nanti di luar sana...

Unknown said...

Amiin. Alhamdulillah sudah bisa bekerja walaupun beberapa keanehan terjadi pada saat instalasi tadi.

Anonymous said...


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