Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Signal Survey on Highland

Last night me and my friend went to a housing about 500 meters north our house for signal survey. It's a housing with 25 rooms in it, quite big huh, so it would be a potential client for us. So we went there and brought several of our wireless equipment like access points and bi-directional antenna. My friend said earlier that he already went there and it's in line of sight so I thought it won't be much problem.
The problem started when we entered the house. I turned out that my friend only predict the line of sight spot in front of the house. The house was totally surrounded with tall buildings. So it would need a lot of effort to make it work there. We put our antenna on a wood and climbed the roof to search for signal. But still we can't get our signal. We tried D-Link and Senao access point and no signal. It was pretty creepy up there notice that there's a pretty deep slope next to that house. I guess this is because I'm afraid of heights :p
After no-result-roof climbing we went to the front of the house hoping we could get better receiving. I held the antenna and point it to our transmitter and, voila, our signal was detected. For a short time and we lost it again :D We changed our position again and this time climb the alfamart's roof. But still no signal detected. Too many barrier between our antenna and our transmitter.
Finally we gave up that night because of those trees and tall buildings. They said they'll consider about buying a pipe to reach higher place. The house is resides on a hill and it's in highland while our transmitter is in lower land. Well I guess even a high school student know that transmitter should be put on highland not the receiver. Lesson emphasized is "Put your receiver high and put your transmitter higher".

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