Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That day finally has arrived

After long period of waiting finally that day has arrived. The announcement for second year university. It was pretty scary waiting the moment of truth. I knew the day was close from other students of other universities that was informed about their 2nd universities. Some were happy some were not. I am sorry for those who don't get 2nd university as what they want. But life is unfair.
The moment of truth was this afternoon just after I hung up phone. And when I opened the email this amazing message said "Your second university is BTH". Yes, I'm going to Sweden next semester. Happy? Yes. Too happy? No. After getting this university as my first university I tried to think that all universities are good. This is to prevent further disappointment. It will be a very pity if I feel disappointed all the time. But luckily they gave me what I put as my first preference. Thank you :) After this several plans can be composed because those plans are difficult to figure if I don't know what is my second university. This is more related to the schedule that each university has for academic year.
I hope I can do better there in the future. For those who don't get what they want don't worry. A beautiful future lies ahead for all of us.


Rachmawati said...

Wah, swedia nih jadinya?

congrats ya, and good luck ^^

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Ronneby?! ;)
Selamat ya.. and success for your next step!

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