Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Comparative Study

After one semester has passed and the result of most exams some out. I tried to compare this university and my previous one. Before I left Indonesia I knew that I have this university for my first year. I did some research about this university. It's quite young university established in 1997. And the faculty of computer science was established in 2002. There are huge difference in term of age between this university and my previous one. My previous one officially is around 35 years old but unofficially it's way older than that. I got an offer to pursue master degree in my previous university but I rejected it. Many reasons why I did that and I'm not gonna explain them here.
Because I didn't have other choices so I took the offer and here I am stranded in the middle of no where with lots of assignments and courses. First couple of months I did not like being here because of the courses and everything related to the university. And in the next months it even worse especially during the projects and exams sessions. So many workloads. My friends who are also studying here was surprised knowing how many courses I took for one semester. "That is too much, just to pass them all won't be easy.", He said. He had bad experience taking too many courses. He took 7 courses and failed 4 of them. He thought it would be like his bachelor back home but it wasn't. having 7-8 courses per semester was quite common in my bachelor. But not in here.
I've heard about all of this horrible condition about universities in Europe. After having one semester then I know. No wonder many people usually take 5-6 courses per semester. It's difficult just to pass the exam. I need 60% of total mark just to pass one course while back then I can have B for having 60% of total mark. And if I got 60% here I only got D. Hmm, at first I thought it would be easy but it's not that easy.


Dinie said...

Gpp Bay, ntar pulang dah jadi expert :D

Jangan lupa ajarin, hehe :p

Anonymous said...

Bener banged Bay, nilai di sini mahal-mahal. Perjuangan banget buat bisa masuk ke posisi di atas rata-rata.

Anonymous said...

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