Thursday, February 21, 2008

One Semester is Over

Today, February the 21st 2008, is my final exam for this semester. After 3.5 months of classes and over 1 month of exams this semester has ended. 7 courses, 12 weekly evaluations, 7 weekly assignments, 3 portfolios, 3 projects, 3 presentations, and 9 exams including 1 midterm exam colored this semester.
Most of the hecticness of this semester started on December 30th after I came back from Paris and ended today. I feel relieved after this but on the other side I still feel disappointed caused I didn't put much effort for this semester. I was swayed by my past, I think. The good news is I am not alone. Pinky also told me he has the same problem. It's always good to have someone as a company :D
Hopefully the result is nice. I hope I didn't fail any subject. Just to pass the subject is quite difficult for me. Unlike my bachelor that only required 1-2 days of study or even less than 24 hours study to pass the subject. I must say I didn't prepare well for this semester. Well the next one must be increased. After all learning is what I'm doing now. And learning means there is increment time after time. If I get good marks in the beginning then I would have nothing to learn. Am I right? Hmm, maybe this is more related to learning the process rather than learning the materials.
One more thing. There are no holidays after the exams :( I envy many of my friends who have holidays after exams. For me it's just 3 days off and two of them are saturday and sunday. I wouldn't call those days as holidays because I still have to work on my master project during those days :( Next semester will be 8 courses and only 3 days off for easter and skip two days for snowdays :D Hmm those numbers promise lack of spare times and tons of tasks. Please help me God by putting me to a better 2nd university.


Rachmawati said...

Having good mark in the beginning is like getting accelerator, you are now is in charge to always keep in the track :D.

Having a bad situation in the beginning is like getting sudden brainstorming, you then have to be careful in choosing each step to go further.

Either the former or the later, the nicest thing is when we can value every single thing in our life.

Yang semangat K Bayu... ^^ ...semoga ke depannya diberi kemudahan oleh Allah... Amin.
Jadinya tahun ke dua nya mu ke mana nih?

raizamn said...

For everything's finished, you must congratulate yourself, enjoy this moment.

I have passed one semester already, and I'm currently doing my second semester. Sadly, I have hardly any improvement. My new record is to make 3-page paper in 8 hours only! Even for that assignment I had 2 weeks to do it. This is not one of the things to be proud of. I still have one individual assignment due next week and I barely scratched the surface :( Now, I'm still doing one of group assignments due tomorrow.

So, again Bay, enjoy this moment, and pray for good results!

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