Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

What could be worse than disappointment? All efforts, pray and struggles seemed worth nothing in front of it. It is very painful knowing that we took part as a person who helped breaking those dreams. How many times I did that? The answer was deceptively simple. "I lost counts".
There were some breaking that were meant for those who broke my dreams. There were some that were not suppose to happen. I never feel sorry for the first one. Maybe because I'm avenger type person. But the last ones always make me feel bad and guilty as charged.
Overall I did the last ones with appropriate reasons. At least that was what my friends said. And those who I let disappointed said they can understand and said "It was not your fault. I would do the same thing if I were you". May God has mercy on me.
For those who I let disappointed, you know who you are, I can only wish you a very good life. Prosperous and happy life with no more disappointments. And may your efforts and prays return a good result one day.

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Rachmawati said...

ngg... I don't get what is actually happening...

tetep semangat aja K ^^

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