Saturday, December 8, 2007

Theory of Confusing

What about the title? yes it's a dedication for my beloved TOC course. Basically there are lost of similarities between this course and several courses I took in my bachelor. But somehow this course looks so tough. I must read over and over again to understand the materials and asked for friend's help to solve questions.
And the mid-term exam of this course took place last wednesday. How was it? It's great, in a bad sense :P The questions are unbelievably difficult. Even a friend of mine who usually can do all TOC questions can't finish it. The result? Hopefully it will deceptively good :D
I even don't know why they put this course in my programme :D


eggimaru said...

lost of similarities ?

raizamn said...

lost/lots of similarities?
does TOC really stand for "Theory of Confusing"? Because if it is, it is confusing.

Unknown said...

Yeah they have lost of similarities :D Jadi harusnya banyak kesamaan jadi banyak perbedaan makanya gak ngerti2
halah.. :P
TOC stands for Theory of Computing

Anonymous said...

Semangaaattt! Bentar lagi ujian trus ngebersihin segala macam definisi, pembuktian, dan benda-benda membingungkan itu dari kepala ;)
Ga ding, ralat ralat, harus positive thinking..
Semua itu pasti ada hikmahnya koq, Bay. Kuliah ini pasti ada gunanya (yah, salah satunya bikin pusing dan menambah rejeki taman hiburan)

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