Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First Impressions

Many of my friends wrote about their experiences now I would like to tell about mine. Well, the impressions about this place physically is quite good. Nice scenery, lovely room, nice friends. Although I suffer for the cold here because there are no embedded heating system in my room and the policy of this housing says that there are no heating system allowed here, overall this place is fine.
The other impression I got is related to the course. I only have one word to describe. They are horrible. See I even describe it in 3 words instead of one. I have to take extra course because some difference between my bachelor degree and their bachelor degree. I can't understand most of the courses although I came from the same background. This unclear evaluation makes us (me and my colleagues) so stressful.
Another impression is about the programme itself. Different from other programmes which already gave their students their rights (money, insurance, etc). My programme totally uncertain in almost everything. I haven't got my insurance card, I haven't received scholarship payment and the most difficult question to answer is "Why they put me in here with these horrible courses while I didn't ask to be here?"
Finally, I realized there'll be no ending in complaining. So I just have to deal with those courses and those professors whether it will result in good or bad. I have to do my best. Failure is postponed success, right. The good news is I'm not going to do my project and thesis in here so I just have to hang on for the next 9 months. Wish me luck.

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