Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Simpsons Freak

This is an old cartoon show. First time I watched when I was at 3rd or 4th grade elementary school and I always like it since then. I can sit tight and watch episodes of The Simpsons in a day. My friend told me that The Simpsons creator also created another cartoon called Futurama. He said Futurama is like The Simpsons. Too bad I never watch it so I can't say anything about this cartoon.
The Simpsons rocks. It educates in a different kind of way. And the most important is it's funny. The education part of The Simpsons is not on the behaviours or manners of its characters. Trust me if there's a town in this world like Springfield the earth will turn upside down. If you're still learning English please don't imitate those words spoken by the characters in The Simpsons unless you're intend to increase your bad words vocabulary. So what is it really that this cartoon teach? The education part could vary among people. For me the education part lies in the dialogs. The characters reflex to answer a question with funny answers plus backed up with some funny scenes make this 2D cartoon lovable.


cardepus said...

Do you know Simpson's Paradox?

Rachmawati said...

The most favorite word from the Simpsons... 'OMIGOD' :D

Anonymous said...

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