Monday, June 25, 2007

Rest in peace, lil baby

I heard that shocking news just now. My sister's baby died right after the delivery. So sad. He was suppose to be my second nephew this year after Alka. But apparently Allah choose a better life for him. He relieve him from this miserable world. I should be happy for him coz he's in better place now. But still, this selfish feeling to have him in this world makes me sad.
Sometimes I wonder about mistery of life. Why does some have to die? Why does someone have to live? Why does someone get so lucky and why does someone has such a bad luck?
Ahh nevermind that's why we call it life, right? So I hope you find a peaceful life my dear nephew. Rest in peace lil baby. Amiien.


eggimaru said...

He ? Sorry to hear that. you have my condolence.

Is she (he ?) a baby that u just visit the other day, right ?

Unknown said...

Not him. The other baby. So I was suppose to have to nephew this year. Thank God the other is just fine

Rachmawati said...

My deep condolences for you.
Hope everything is going to be fine :).
Someone has to die because in that way, she/he is able to reduce making mistake in the world.
Someone has to live because she/he hasn't realize how big the sin is, given the time to ask for forgiveness to God....

gak deng, ngarang itu mah. Semoga keluarga diberi ketabahan :).

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