Monday, April 23, 2007

How long u gonna hold on?

Yesterday I met a senior of mine. he's an alumni originated from the same town like mine. One of my lecturer thought it was quite odd for me not knowing him. Well u can't expect me to know all of them. There's lots of us and dispersed all over Bandung.
He's going to Qatar for a new position in one of the oil company there. The salary he earned and he's gonna get in Qatar was quite alluring. A young man with 6 years experiences in oil service does make a difference. We did a long chat accompanied by one of the lecturer from IF. She is one of us too.
After lunch he told what happened after he graduated. He worked at astragraphia and then accepted at Schlumberger. He's married man with 2 children. He told me about life he was planning and the life he's willing to achieve. He asked himself few moments after graduated. How long I'm gonna live my life like this? Having a house, a car and financial safety for the family are the goals. He's right. This adventurous life has to end someday. Time is prescious at the moment. Each day could mean an opportunity.
Writing research proposal, applying for alternative job, but still working on the indefinite product will be carried more seriously. Focus on my future and try not to make mistakes.

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eggimaru said...

wah wah melihat masa depan ya ... tetep semangat bay. kalo aku sih masih mengejar mimpi masa kanak-kanak. belum terpikir akan keluarga, istri dll. masih hidup dalam petualangan :D

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