Thursday, April 12, 2007

Family's Challenge

Last week I visited a friend's daughter in a hospital. She was ill. It wasn't light disease after all. It was very sad what happened to my friend and his family. She was less than 2 months old, yet she had to carry that pain. On that moment too my other friend also told me that his son also must carry out a surgery. Whatta a life.
By looking at my friend and his wife, gave me strength and also fear at the same. Why's that? I couldn't imagine how hard this time for them. Especially at this rate of earning. I always thinking with my current condition, it will be difficult to have a family. Family needs lots resource to keep them secure. Family doesn't deserve to be put on jeopardy. I don't blame my friends who already married. In fact I admire their courage. These conditions gave me a valuable lesson to be grateful to what I have. My other friend told me that because I'm the youngest in my team, the pressure on me would be lighter that anyone. I can't disagree. He was right. But here I am still complaining and feel stressful.
What happened to my friends also gave me strength to run this life to the fullest. What happen to me right now is much lighter than what's happened to my friends. This feeling of depression has to disappear.
One faith that one day this whole thing would change. Everything would be much better than today. Rejected applications, uncertain future someday would be replaced by a much brighter day. And one last hope that when that day come I still have people I care.

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deasyluv said...

Agree with you. It takes a big courage to start a family. It's an achievement of life. Jadi, kapan nih yu?:p

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