Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pessimistic vs. Well-planned

My journey abroad (Europe & Asia) in the past one year brought me not only knowledge which are relevant to software engineering but also culture, religion and attitude. All these things not only came from the local residents but also from my countrymen I met for this one year journey.

Being one country origin with them doesn't make me know the way they think. Some of them I can understand and the rest I can't completely understand even after asking. Maybe because of European culture influences me in the end, not to mind their business even what they do are considered not quite right in my opinion. As long they don't interfere with my business, fine with me.

One of the thing that interests me is on money spending. This issue is for general people not just people from Indonesia. I've heard perhaps a hundreds time about the scholarship I got. "Ow you're very lucky to get a big amount of scholarship and you can travel throughout Europe with that". Most of them are more less like that.

Its not that I against traveling. Traveling is good it makes u see new places and experience new things. However, in my opinion even a positive activities have their limits. Having this scholarship and me being in Europe can make me extend this limit for traveling, shopping and other kind of activities, the good as well as the bad one :p For me having this resources doesn't me I have to always extend my limits on everything. I extend my limit in traveling but not too much. I've heard some of my friends complaining about the amount of money they have after doing a lot of traveling. This is little bit awkward to me cause they should think about it before they do it.

For me doing something which consumes resources could caused deep impact. Some called me over-thinking about what is going to happen or pessimistic. And only few people called me well-planned person. But for me having this kind of attitude is very beneficial. It saved me several time. Before I left for Europe I could use my saving to support me before I got the scholarship which came 3-months late. One of my friend claimed that he/she didn't have money for supporting his/her life in Europe if the scholarship late. It was surprising to me because his/her salary was like ten-times of my salary. It turned out that he/she spent all his money to have fun and make life happy. I didn't judge it. Its not my business. I just think that what I do is the best for me and what other do is the best for them.

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