Monday, September 15, 2008

Honest Rainbow

If I look up now for the rainbow I saw as a boy,
There are no longer the seven colors,
Only a mist and a fog…

As time passes by, and the world around me changes,
No matter where I search for you, you’re nowhere to be found.
So I close my eyes, and open my heart…

I need to know, If I gaze up again,
will things be different this time?
Maybe if I was more honest, the fog would fade away.
So I pray, screaming that wish deep within my soul

When you lose one thing,
You gain another, don’t you?
But still, no matter how often adults confuse us,
We’ll keep looking for the right way to live our lives.

--Honest Rainbow, Surface--


raizamn said...

kok mellow? kangen yak?

Unknown said...

Yup. Kangen rumah. Pengen cepet2 nyelesain tesis aja tapi dimulai aja belum :P

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