Monday, September 3, 2007

Two Farewells in A Row

Last Sunday there were two farewells took place. First farewell was Bang Ipan's and his wife. They moved to a new house they bought last year. This farewell started very early. I woke up because I heard noises outside my room. I look outside and I saw Bang Ipan already started moving his boxes. So we (me and my friends) helped him moving his stuffs to pick up cars waiting outside the alley.
There was one thing lil bit funny happened that morning. Coincidentally, one of my neighbor held marriage ceremony right in front of our house. So there were two different looks that morning. One look was in the marriage where all the people in it were well-dressed and the other look was our side where we're all looked sweaty and dirty :D When the groom met the bride we had to stop our moving activity to honor this couple meeting procession. We could get bad luck, like that procession won't happen to us, if we ignored it :))
After all bang Ipan's stuffs were loaded on pick-up cars we moved to his new house. His wife said their house was ready 100% except for it's road access. I didn't take this seriously until I got there. She's right! The only available road wasn't in front of the house but about 10 metres above the house. Walking down to the house is quite difficult especially if we have to carry those stuffs. Finally we found a way to transfer those stuffs tot he house by making human chain (indonesian: estafet) and pass those stuffs among us till they reach the nearest man to the house. Finally those stuffs are inside his house. It was fun even though it was hot. The house resided in a hill with Bandung view just outside it's door. I guess this is why he picked the house. So it's a farewell for Bang Ipan and his wife. He left the house he's been living for about 9 years with us. Is it really time for us (the elders) to leave this house. My time is less than a week now :(
Second farewell was mine and with my friends from the place I worked (or hang out) :P Even there's no official statement but I consider it as my farewell :D We held this farewell las Sunday because it's the only time we could gather again. My friend came all way from Palembang so he can teach a training class and we can make this farewell by taking picture all of us together. So as we plan we went to photo studio and took pictures six of us. And then we went to a steak house for dinner. It was fun. My friend forgot to write my order so I got my order late. We talk about lots thing from trainings, projects even my romance life. The last part came up because one of my friend wanted me to join his family by dating with his sister :D My others friend even suggested me to marry my girlfriend before I leave. Definitely it was a very nice evening. I realized that it could be our last time together. I'll be busy with my preparations and they'll be busy doing what they usually do. Finally, internet would be our media to intermingle.
Everything has it's own path. We took our own and hoping it will be the best path for us. Although we're not walking on the same road again we always share same memories that we were walking the same road. I won't forget walking down ciumbeluit street at midnight almost every night, having meal at 3 AM, late-night coding, spending all days in the lab, and doing lots of wacky things :)

itsudatte wakare wa omoi yori mo sakini kuru no
Sayonara mata itsuka aimasho.....
Sayonara mata doko ka dete.....
dakara watashi mo konnani tooku ni kichatteru kedo makoto ni iu ne

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