Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Idea is the hardest part

My procrastination of future finally comes to an end. After some "signs" mostly from news, friends and family, I have to think again what I want to do in the future.
Friends and family have been questioning for quite sometime but it was the news that woke me up. Apparently, the wonders of the IT has not stopped and it hit people from my time (same age). Again, mostly these wonders came from US.

Mark Zuckerberg is now a very famous person and become the youngest millionaire or should I say billionaire in the planet. I read about this guy about 5-6 years ago. At that time, friendster was my facebook. I made some research about this guy and facebook (including watching the social network film) and try to get something out of it. Based on the findings of my research about this guy, I am not too fond of him. One thing I believe that we all must have in life is honesty.

Another wonder I found lately is Gurbaksh Chahal. This guy is at my age and has a net worth around 340 millions USD. A net worth that is yet far far away from mine :P Like Mark, I also did some research about him (including reading his book The Dream). I found that he was a drop out, not college drop out but high school drop out. Yes, he has no high school degree and yet he built multi-million businesses. His businesses, in case you guys don't know, are online advertisements (ClickAgent and BlueLithium). If this is the first time you have ever read or hear about these two companies, don't worry I have no idea about these 2 companies when I first read/heard them. But the important is that these not-so-well-known companies made him millionaires.
Pierre Omidyar with his eBay also put a remarkable story from his humble beginning putting auction web in a web site that was used to display information about ebola virus. Now it is also billion-dollars business.

Those stories made me wondering, if something so small in the beginning can be so big in the end, this could happen to anyone. After all the world is flat. Something that I believed long time ago now hit back on me. I tried to brainstorm with a friend to come up with an idea. We even started to build it but it turned out that the idea has been implemented by someone else with far more sophisticated features. Something that I thought could be my gold mine just slipped away :P It is very hard to find a good idea. Somehow inside of me there is a barrier mechanism that tend to find weakness of all ideas. This can be good because it will protect me from implementing useless idea but it can also be bad because it will be difficult to start and learn something. After all entrepreneurship is all about willingness to learn. After few days of wondering what is the best idea to start with, something struck me. It will be the best to start with something I like. These are what ignited most of the people of wonders there. Well maybe not Mark because he got his idea from someone else. If it is from something that you like, others opinions will be secondary, although there are still no money flowing in your cashflow there are already something else you got in return. Satisfaction for doing something you like :) And I believe eventually money will come.

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