Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bye Bye Bozen

I fell like it was yesterday I arrived in this town. Wandering around with luggage trying to find Rainerum dormitory. But now 10 months have passed. Time to go to the next university. I'm little bit disappointed with the mark I got from this university. It is not too good. Hmm, maybe I didn't do much or maybe I already reach my limit. I did my best so I shouldn't think too much.

In the beginning I always asking why they put me in this place. I still don't like some part regarding this place. But one thing I like is the friends I made during my stay here. Friends to work on projects, during the classes, cooking and having dinner together every weekend, travelling around this continent and so on. Now I know why I was selected here. To meet this people and learn from them. For those who had been with me here, thank you very much.

Next semester will be different. New place, new environment and new challenge. Some I heard it is tough there. Hardwork is definitely needed.

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Anonymous said...

semangaaatttt!!!! semangat liburan semester maksudnya :p

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