Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One Down

The moment was this afternoon. I opened a web site that I've long abandoned. Web site that I didn't want to open till next few weeks. But this lightning struck me right to the heart. The announcement had been made and I'm not in the list. Disappointed? The answer is absolutely yes. I'd spent time and money for this. Lots of things I'd done for this.
I realize that not everything must happen like we want it to happen. Few of my friends cheered me up that I belongs to greater thing than that. I have no choice but to believe in it. It's just that belonging to that place is what I want right now. Experiencing the climate, the view, the environment, the living and the culture had been in my mind. Maybe this is the answer for her pray. but I shouldn't blame anyone. This is what's the best for me.
Still expecting for the other two but the rejected one has the biggest chance so I prepare to accept the fact that I won't be in the list for the other two. What ever the result I get I must be prepared. Prepared for the back up plan. Another unexpected road lies ahead promising another adventure (Trying to cheer myself).


Anonymous said...

hey, i came across your blog today

eggimaru said...

Wah desperate kenapa nih ? Ada masalah apa Bay ? Desperately chasing dreams ?

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